Brand New Sport Created by Artificial Intelligence

Speedgate AI game

Today in Tech with TLC — AI sports

Apparently some techies at AKQA were curious what kind of new sport could be created with Artificial Intelligence.

So they input data from hundreds of sports and the output is “SpeedGate.”

Looks kinda like a combo of rugby, quidditch & soccer.

SpeedgateThe event has six-player teams competing on a field with three open-ended gates. Once you’ve kicked the ball through a center gate (which you can’t step through), your team can score on one of the end gates — complete with an extra point if you ricochet the ball through the gate. You can’t stay still, either, as the ball has to move every three seconds.

The game name and motto was also created by the AI.

SPEEDGATE — Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball


Source: Speedgate
Coverage: NVIDIA

Source: Engadget  AI developed a whole new sport




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