What We Learned Today – Americans Confuse Foreigners, Space Babies, New Beach Rules, Who Spreads Fake News Most

smoking dog

Here’s a few things we learned today with TLC in the Morning

New Beach Rules you should be aware of:

No dogs on the beach (local ordinance) and no smoking in the sand (state).  So if your dog smokes, don’t take him to the beach.

Foreigners are baffled by things Americans do in movies.

Buzzfeed put together a list of 25 questions asked by foreigners on Twitter:
  1. Do Americans really care about Halloween or is that a tv show/twitter thing
  2. Do Americans really wear their outside shoes around the whole house? On their beds????? Is tv lying? I hope so
  3. do americans really eat chinese food out of those cardboard boxes like in tv shows???
  4. Americans in movies always have a big bowl of mixed lettuce in the middle of the table with their dinner
  5. I don’t get how Americans in movies leave their front doors unlocked, that’s cute, if we did that here, random families would move in.
  6. How do Americans in movies always manage to group text their whole school? Is this legit a thing over there?
  7. All Americans in movies own a baseball bat in the house when they hear rattling.
  8. do americans really have red cups all the time at parties or is that just in movies? someone let me know thanks
  9. Americans in movies own a baseball bat in the house when they hear rattling.
  10. Do Americans really carry groceries in paper bags or is that just in movies only?
  11. Why are Americans in movies so obsessed with prom
  12. I wish Americans in movies would just top comparing the length of things to that of a football field. I have no idea how long that is. (Bloemfontein, South Africa)
  13. It amuses me when Americans in movies try to stop a natural disaster ending the world because they’re Americans and they just have to try
  14. Why do Americans buy SUV’s & Hummers and complain about the gas prices? (ok, I made that one up, but I have wondered about it many times)

Babies in Space –

Babies in Space

A company wants to learn the effects of childbirth in space, just in case we need to save the human race

A Netherlands company wants to see the effects of having a baby in space, just in case we need to save the human race.  (Might be kinda dangerous considering snakes twist themselves into a knot or eat themselves when in space. )

Here’s what they said:

The next step in our evolution. A pregnant woman will give birth in outer space. Well prepared and safely supported by a medical expert team. Another major step towards Life Beyond Earth.

“It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby-step for mankind,” said Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, SpaceLife Origins Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer. A bold yet realistic objective of SpaceLife Origin is the actual birth of the first human baby in space. During a 24-36 hour mission a woman will give birth at 250 miles above Earth, accompanied by a trained, world-class medical team. A carefully prepared and monitored process will reduce all possible risks, similar to western standards as they exist on Earth for both mother and child.

A company in the Netherlands wants to send a pregnant woman into space so they can study the effect of giving birth in space, just in case we need to relocate and keep our species going.

What Demo spreads ‘fake news’ blogs the most on Facebook?password meme

Your Grandparents.   A new study from Princeton and New York Universities confirms previous fake news studies on facebook.  People over the age of 60 have spread the most “fake news” stories.  Maybe due to kids leaving when their parents show up?  Advice: Trust the professional, traditional news.  Think about it, why would anyone suddenly start fabricating news after being in business for decades, if not centuries?


Just a few things we learned today with TLC in the morning.  Tune in tomorrow (Friday) to hear a story about a new kind of discrimination by zodiac, life by the numbers, headlines & weird news, and weekend haps, including the movie guy.





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