Bastille Expands ‘Doom Days’ with 11 Bonus Tracks

Bastille - Doom Days

Bastille has announced an expanded edition of the band’s latest album, Doom Days.

The collection, officially titled Doom Days — This Got Out of Hand, arrives this Friday, December 6. It boasts 11 bonus tracks, including a number of demos and previously unreleased songs that, as Bastille puts it, “fill in more of the story” told in Doom Days, a concept album about a party during the apocalypse.

This Got Out of Hand also includes Bastille’s cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” which they recorded for the U.K.’s annual John Lewis commercial, as well as the duet version of “Another Place,” featuring singer Alessia Cara.

Doom Days was originally released this past June. It features the singles “Quarter Past Midnight” and “Joy.”

Here’s the Doom Days — This Got Out of Hand track list:

Doom Days
“Quarter Past Midnight”
“Bad Decisions”
“The Waves”
“Million Pieces”
“Doom Days”
“Nocturnal Creatures”
“Another Place”
“Those Nights”

This Got Out of Hand
“Admit Defeat”
“Good Lesson”
“Easy Days” (Demo)
“When I Watch the World Burn All I Think About Is You”
“Another Place” feat. The Chamber Orchestra of London
“Final Hour”
“Million Pieces” feat. The Chamber Orchestra of London
“Comfort of Strangers”
“Another Place” feat. Alessia Cara
“Can’t Fight This Feeling” feat. London Contemporary Orchestra


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