Foo Fighters want an Oasis Reunion, Noel Gallagher wants a Foo Fighters break-up (Video)

Dave Grohl

During their headlining set at the U.K.’s Reading festival last weekend, Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl made a pitch to reunite Oasis, and asked the crowd to sign a petition to get the estranged Gallagher brothers back together. (Video below).

So of course, the ever sarcastic Noel Gallagher responded during one of his shows,

“Is anyone going to sign the petition Dave Grohl wants to get together to get us back together?”

I’d like to start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to split up, if that would be at all possible.” He also joked that such a petition was available to sign at his merch booth.

You can watch footage of Gallagher’s comments on Reddit.

Gallagher and his band High Flying Birds are currently touring the U.S. alongside The Smashing Pumpkins and AFI. The outing concludes this Saturday, August 31 in Mountain View, California.

Source:  ABC Radio News


Noel wants to start a petition to split the Foo Fighters from oasis


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