Jack White + Jack Black = Jack Gray

Jack White + Jack Black = Jack Gray

Tenacious D has confirmed that a collaboration with Jack White did indeed happen.

In a video titled “Jack Gray” — Jack White + Jack Black = Jack Gray — the D shares how they visited White at his Third Man Records studio in Nashville. Following the tour, Black and his band mate Kyle Gass went to White’s house to record a song together.

“Me and [Gass] have been working on a jam, but it’s not quite done. Needs a little work,” Black explains. “But I think that’s where Jack White’s gonna come in and help us pull it over the finish line.”

When they arrive at White’s house, the camera turns off, and we don’t return until after the single’s been recorded. “It was magical,” Black says.

In between, we also get some delightful footage of Tenacious D humming along to “Seven Nation Army.” The whole video is streaming now on YouTube.

via ABCRadioNews


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