Depeche Mode and Live Nation to live stream full concert film “SPiRiTS”

Depeche Mode Spirits in the Forest

Depeche Mode and Live Nation have partnered to bring audiences around the world together for a one time only live stream of the full concert film LiVE SPiRiTS from Depeche Mode’s boundary-breaking, feature-length documentary and concert film, Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest. Fans will be able to watch the full version of LiVE SPiRiTS from the comfort and safety of their own homes via Live Nation’s YouTube channel as well as their Live From Home platform on Thursday, June 25th at 12pm PT/3pm EST. Although portions of LiVE SPiRiTS, which was filmed at the iconic Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”) in Berlin, has appeared in the documentary, never before has the film been seen uninterrupted in its entirety; now fans can feel they are part of the action and experience the magic themselves.

To celebrate today’s announcement, Depeche Mode is treating fans to a video of “Cover Me” from LiVE SPiRiTS.  one of the key tracks from Depeche Mode’s acclaimed 14th studio album Spirit.

This special concert experience is in anticipation of the release of Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest to DVD and Blu-Ray on June 26, 2020, which features not only the documentary but also LiVE SPiRiTS and a plethora of other special content. Pre-order here.

This special four-disc (two video discs plus two audio discs) configuration presents the definitive Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest experience at its most immersive, and will be available in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The package’s two video discs contain the SPiRiTS in the Forest documentary, alongside LiVE SPiRiTS. In addition to the two video discs, the package includes two CDs containing the LiVE SPiRiTS soundtrack, the live audio recording from the performance. The package promises to be essential for collectors, longtime fans, and newcomers alike.

LiVE SPiRiTS audio CD Track list:


1. Intro

2. Going Backwards

3. It’s No Good

4. A Pain That I’m Used To

5. Useless

6. Precious

7. World in My Eyes

8. Cover Me

9. The Things You Said

10. Insight

11. Poison Heart


1. Where’s the Revolution

2. Everything Counts

3. Stripped

4. Enjoy the Silence

5. Never Let Me Down Again

6. I Want You Now

7. Heroes

8. Walking In My Shoes

9. Personal Jesus

10. Just Can’t Get Enough

Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest set “the new gold standard for concert films,” according to Forbes. Re-envisioning the very concept of a music documentary, director and longtime Depeche Mode collaborator Anton Corbijn focused the narrative on six super fans from different regions of the globe. The film zeroes in on their lives – all extremely different save for their love of Depeche Mode’s music and the way that music has shaped their experiences – intercut with the final Berlin show, held at the iconic Waldbühne (“Forest Stage”) on the record-breaking two-year Global Spirit Tour in 2018, which saw them play to over 3 million fans at 115 shows around the world. The music, including several of Depeche Mode’s biggest hits, and the Spirits’ stories entwine seamlessly, illuminating the enduring power of Depeche Mode and the power music has to cross boundaries and borders and ultimately unite us.

One of the strongest performing event cinema releases, Depeche Mode: SPiRiTS in the Forest initially opened on 3,000 screens across nearly 80 countries last November. The film grossed $4.5 million and was seen by over 220,000 people. Recently, it began streaming on Prime Video in over 130 territories worldwide and can also be found on iTunes. Watch here.

For more information, please visit spiritsintheforest.com.


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