Preview Pearl Jam’s new single “Superblood WolfMoon” in Augmented Reality 

Pearl Jam

Look for the moon & you find a preview of “Superblood Wolfmoon,” the new single from Pearl Jam which will be released next Wednesday, Feb 19.

Ahead of its release, PJ has teamed up with the interactive studio and production company Powster to launch an augmented reality app allowing you to hear a snippet of the upcoming tune.

Here’s how it works: you need to go to Moon.PearlJam.com on your mobile phone, then point your camera towards the actual moon. Once you’ve located it, different animations will start popping up on your screen, and you’ll also hear a preview of “Superblood Wolfmoon.”  Interestingly, the Wolf Moon is in January and the February full moon last week.

If it’s daytime where you are, or if you’re stuck in a fluorescent-lit office, you can also turn off the AR option, which will give you a virtual moon to locate, thus triggering the song preview.

“Superblood Wolfmoon” is included on Pearl Jam’s upcoming album, Gigaton, due out March 27. The follow-up to 2013’s Lightning Bolt also features the lead single “Dance of the Clairvoyants.”

Pearl Jam – Super Blood Wolf Moon

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