92ZEW Free App has Playlist, Song Rating, Chatting, Weather, Traffic, Music News, Pics and More

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Free app for Android and Iphone is ahead of the crowd:

Latest Updates Added:
Instant Traffic Maps
Use your own Facebook/Twitter
Music News Feed
  • Listen to 92.1 live stream
  • See songs as they play
  • one click to rate
  • artist info, videos, etc.
  • concert listings and ticket links
  • Upload pics, audio, status to app and to your social sites
  • Instant Traffic, Weather, Music News,
  • Concert info & Ticket Links
  • Sign up for concert notifications (know before anyone else ;-)
  • Chat with DJ and/or other ZEW app users
  • Send message to ZEW feed by using @92ZEW
  • Rate the Songs
  • Listen live to 92ZEW
  • Alarm clock to remind you when to listen
  • Win Stuff
  • More fun stuff  being added constantly too.



It’s free for Android and iPhone. Just search “92ZEW”

Get Artist Info 92ZEW App
Share status, pics, audio with DJ, Facebook, Twitter & ZEW Fans,
Share your status w/ pic, text, audio on App and your Facebook


more still to come….




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