92ZEW’s All-Star Locals Christmas Jam

92ZEW Christmas

Soul Kitchen

Tuesday, Dec 17 at The Soul Kitchen

Celebrate the Holidays and 35 years of the ZEW with our All-Star Locals Christmas Jam, featuring the local artists you know and love, jamming your favorite holiday tunes together.  It’s always the best party of the year, especially when the eggnog kicks in!


Peek (as the House Band)
Jamell Richardson
Eric Erdman
Ryan Balthrop
Melody Duncan
Harrison McGinnis
Johnny Hayes
Underhill Family Orchestra
Phil & Foster
Gene Murrell
Scott Morlock
Abe Partridge
Andy Citrin Band
Simone French & the Trouille Troup
Red & The Revelers
Laurie Anne Armour (Speaking Sparrows)
Sergio & The Satin Dogs
Ayers Brothers Band
Jenna McClellend Band
Paid To Pretend




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