“Band Together” Virtual Concert fundraiser for Mobile Music Industry

Band Together Mobile

Online Youtube Live Stream

As many of you know, Coronavirus/COVID – 19 has led to the cancellation or postponement of most live events. This devastating halt in the music industry has left many of our own without a source of income.  As  such,  the Soul Kitchen and 92ZEW have  teamed up  to bring you Band Together virtual concert, a fundraiser for Mobile area music people  to help them through this trying time.  The Virtual concert starts Sunday at 4:00 and features the Red Clay Strays, Kristy Lee, Abe Partridge, Deluna and Ryan Dyer.

All proceeds from Band Together will go towards the Mobile music industry including musicians, engineers, technicians, venue employees (Saenger, SK, etc.), and production crews.

The virtual concert starts Sunday at 4pm and can only be  watched live here or the youtube stream –> https://youtu.be/JxDd21hVXxE.

Note,  due to the Social Distancing  6 feet rule, you will  not be able to attend this exclusive event in person.

facebook event page

PayPal : paypal.me/bandtogethermobile or bandtogethermobile@gmail.com
Venmo: @bandtogether




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