Roman Street and Marlow Boys Christmas


Saenger Theater

It’s time for the annual Roman Street Christmas concert live at the Saenger Theatre! This year, Roman Street will share the stage with Marlow Boys. Special guests The Jazz Studio will open the show. Come hear Christmas Classics done in a new and exciting way!

The concert will be sponsored by the Leigh McPherson Team at RE/MAX of Orange Beach and will benefit Children’s Miracle Network local affiliate USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital.

Brothers Noah and Josh Thompson put their guitars together to form Roman Street. This brotherly jam session has developed into a Billboard/iTunes charting band who many have dubbed ‘the next generation’ of Jazz Fusion. Roman Street is an internationally trained instrumental band specializing in improvisational fusion of Classical, Gypsy and Contemporary Jazz, Latin, and Nuevo Flamenco.

Cousins Joe and Karl Langley (of the Kyle & Karl Band) grew up around Marlow, a small community on the Fish River in Baldwin County, Alabama. They have performed together since their teenage years, singing and playing a wide variety of music and venues. In 2014, they began creating music with Stan Foster (Rollin’ in the Hay, Deluxe Trio) and Phil Proctor (Dog River Boys, Deluxe Trio) at Mars Hill church in Fairhope, Alabama. The following year, the four of them started performing outside of the church and collaborating on original music. That music is both personal and universal, acoustic and electric, serious and, well, you get the picture. Someone summed it up when they said “The Marlow Boys: Good people, good music.” We’d like to think so.

The Jazz Studio, a program of the Mobile Big Band Society, Inc., was established in 2015. The Jazz Studio is a year-round Jazz education program for middle and high school students. Under the musical direction of Hosea London, students represent the demographics of Mobile and Baldwin counties. Classes are held in the Fine Arts Building on the campus of Springhill College. Emphasizing Jazz and Big Band era music, The Jazz Studio program is uniquely designed to educate using the traditional Jazz curriculum, engage using historical retrospectives of legendary artist who inspired and molded both genres and expose using live performance opportunities, travel and master classes.

Ticket Prices: $29.50, $39.50 (Additional fees may apply.)

Presented by Outback Concerts




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