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dHangout Festival Official Poster 201192ZEW, the Official Voice of Hangout Music Festival. Broadcasting all weekend backstage with interviews, performances and plenty of ways to win your way in and backstage.

Scroll down to listen to ZEW interviews/performances with the Black Keys, Grace Potter, Warren Haynes, Galactic, Moon Taxi, Civil Twilight, Widespread Panic, founder Shaul Zislin and more.

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Our special guest celebrity photographer from the Motor City enjoyed the sites and sounds of Hangout and took some mighty fine pics too for the ZEW (and CBS!). Most pics here  by Steve Galli
Listen to interviews the ZEW did with Warren Haynes, Michael Franti, Brandi Carlile, the Black Keys, Grace Potter, Amos Lee, Galactic, Shaul Zislin, and Civil Twilight HERE

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92ZEW Backstage Interviews


The Black Keys

upcoming Dr. John album Aurbach is producing, the magic of New Orleans and its music,


Brandi Carlile


Michael Franti

Along with an excellent lineup of bands, the first Hangout Festival was invaded by national news crews due to BP Oilspill. Franti was on the first year and this year.  Tim & Lee Ann were quite surprised when Franti basically stopped his show at Bonnaroo to tell audience they can support areas hit by the spill by going there and spending money (which a lot of businesses lost, see Ben Ellman’s interview below where he talks about his NOLA area friends).

We learned that Franti was encouraging folks to come down here at every show. “I come from California, which is known for its beaches, but I never knew Alabama has such beautiful beaches. I was so impressed with the beach, but more than that, the people that are so kind and thoughtful and after the last year so resiliant.”

Franti used a pic from last year’s festival for the centerfold of new record. “When something is wiped away, at first it’s a bad thing, but later something beautiful grows and grows from it and that’s what’s happening with this festival.  To see this kind of recovery after a year and to see this festival sort of be the hub of that, it’s like a rally point for people.”

“It’s an amazing thing to put on a festival of this size in any community. It takes the efforts of everybody, cooperation of city officials, resources of local businesses, people willing to take a risk. It’s not a festival making a mess, fighting and getting drunk. It’s people coming together to celebrate music.”


Ben Ellmen kind of regretted wearing jeans, but still enjoying the time at Hangout Fest.  New record Ya-Ka-May recently released, Ben says Liquor Payne is favorite track, features Morning 40 Federation. Next album might have tibetan bowls collaboration.  Producing Trombone Shorty’s ‘Backawater’ where they basically kicked things around experimenting late night in the studio. Some of the songs have Shorty on drums, bass and are basically just Shorty.

Ben says they’re excited to play with their new singer Corey Glover (Living Color).

BP Oilspill talk too.

Louisiana has a lot of entertainment tax credits. A lot of records and movies are being produced in Louisiana right now because of the Louisiana’s Entertainment tax credits.

Grace Potter

Surprised to learn that her duet partner, Kenny Chesney, was playing at the Wharf the same weekend, discusses their recent release.  “It’s all about the song and whether or not it’s a good song, whether it’s country or folk, it’s the song.”

Potter revealed at the first Hangout Festival she and the Nocturnals watched fireworks from top of their bus and took cameras around pretending to be from MTV.

We also chatted about the first year jam with Warren Haynes and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, who threw out cups of ice cream during their set.

Warren Haynes performed new tune ‘Man in Motion’ and talked with us

Warren Haynes interview


Warren Haynes interview


Warren Haynes interview


Civil Twilight and Moon Taxi interview each other


Shaul Zislin, founder of Hangout Music Festival and the Hangout


Widespread Panic’s JoJo Herman


some pics by Steve Galli

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