Hangout Festival 2010 Gallery

A Beautiful Day for some Moving Music on the Beach, and words, and pictures too.

But what a weird weekend too. BP Oilspill just happened. Everyone waited like they do a hurricane for the oil to arrive (fortunately it waited until June). Famous environmentalists, national news media descended, which really kinda raised national awareness of the inaugural Hangout Festival.

ZEW was live all weekend with interviews backstage, but Sunday was the day of… With severe thunderstorms looming, evacuation of the fans, half our staff pre-occupied with this and trying to conduct live on-air interviews and performances. Organizers decided to open up gates to everyone as many fans chose not to brave the storms. Good decision!

All in all, the best weekend ever… Little did we know at the time more better weekends were still to come.

Hats off to one of the best and classiest music festivals ever.

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