Kurt Vile “Loading Zones” Lyrics

Kurt Vile “Loading Zones” Lyrics
from his 7th album Bottle it In


Back is aching but I cannot sleep
‘Cause I won’t be beat like I am the mayor of some godforsaken town
Sure, they knighted me yesterday
But who needs armor when I’ve an exoskeleton?
I slip and squirm through the cracks
Creep around by the, all the loading zones in my dirty little town
Get my shopping done, laundry too
Drop some dead weight, clean my hands of what I need to clean my hands of
And all for free by mayoral decree
All from zone to loading zone of my town, yeah

[Verse 2]
Three grumpy girls and a dying daddy
But oh so gorgeous the way they crave
How beautiful to take a bite out of the world
I want to rip the world a new one
It just crawls out of my mouth anymore
You can hate on it or you can hug it
You can get all mushy and lovey-dovey
It’s all the same when I’m out there driving around
All from zone to loading zone of my beautiful town

I park for free
One stop shop life for the quick fix
Before you get a ticket
That’s the way I live my life
I park for free

I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free
I park for free


“The original inspiration to this song was me literally driving around my own town of Philadelphia, thinking about how, in your mind, or in real life, you own your town once you’ve lived there long enough. I would often park in a loading zone in front of AKA records, which is now no longer with us, but I would park in this loading zone and get all these CDs or vinyls, but easily get back into my car before the cops could catch me. I’d get about 20, 30 minutes. But that’s also just a way of life all over your whole town, once you know your city. And it’s a pain in the ass to park in general. And especially in my center city, but it’s getting worse everywhere, even in my fish town, where I spent most of my time. So there’s all kinds of loading zones you can creep around in. And it’s also sort of just a way of life. It’s sort of like a ‘Sopranos,’ gettin by on the back streets–except no murder.”

via genius.com




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