Listen: Kelly Finley’s Interview with Mobile’s Chief of Police Lawrence Battiste on the Black Lives Matter Movement

Listen to Kelly Finley’s interview with Mobile Chief of Police Battiste regarding the Black Lives Matter movement in our area.

This morning on #TheCommunityRoundTable Chief Lawrence Battiste of the Mobile Police Department shares his thoughts on what’s happening nationwide and in the City of Mobile in terms of protests and demonstrations in honor of George Floyd. The Chief talks about the importance of this community and our help, the type of training officers on the force must have and how often? And his message to the city about Michael Moore.

Find out how he would grade his police departments performance, during last weeks protests.

Office of Chief of Police website

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Kelly Finley

Kelly Finley is the News and Community Affairs Director for the Sound of Mobile radio stations (92ZEW, WNSP, Soul of Mobile 92.5, The Crab 96.5).




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