Muse “Something Human” – Video and Background of Song

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Muse debuted brand new song from upcoming album and explains where the song “Something Human” came from. Watch the video below.

Matt Bellamy, frontman for Muse, tells Billboard Magazine the new song “Something Human” is basically about getting burned out and wanting to go home (plus Teen Wolf is cool!).

The song comes from when you do get a bit burnt out from being on the road for too long. The Drones Tour was amazing and we’re very happy with how it went, but at the same time it was quite grueling. Six nights in Paris, five nights in London, the same show — it’s the first time we did that, an extensive arena tour with multiple nights in multiple cities. And the nature of the album and the show was quite dark in message and tone, and I think that living in that for a long time can actually be quite draining. Portraying a set of songs which are quite dark in tone, and having the visual nature of the show with the drones flying around and what we were putting across with the riot police at the beginning. It had a dark vibe, which is good, but when you’ve been doing that for a while that natural result was that as soon as I came off the road, “Something Human” came out, which is a more tender, down-to-earth, simplistic song about what it feels like to be burned out and wanting to get home to a more normal life after being on the road for a couple years.

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Video directed by Lance Drake.
Drake Says: “Our aim with’Something Human’ was to continue the journey that began in ‘Dig Down’ and ‘Thought Contagion.’ Pulling further into a simulated world we follow Matt, Dom, and Chris on the chase of a lifetime – where something as simple as returning some video tapes becomes an epic journey.”




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