“Whiteout Conditions” – New Pornographers

The New Pornographers    63

About “Whiteout Conditions”

Of the video, director Kevan Funk explains, “Being from Alberta, the West Edmonton Mall has alway held a fascinating place in my imagination. It felt like a rich thematic backdrop being that it is this interesting monolithic figure in the city, this strange bubble that is meant to function as some sort of escape from daily reality, yet also existing as a defining space of suburban life in Edmonton. It was something that returned to mind when considering ideas for Whiteout Conditions. I wanted to tell a set of stories featuring characters who could act as conduits to explore that tension, each of them repressing some sort of tormenting emotion (guilt, shame, self-loathing) that they haven’t been able to reconcile internally. The facade of the mall, with its surreal fantasy elements, provided an effective metaphorical backdrop.”






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